Wednesday, 18 November 2015 09:27

Prepare a cake with your kids, it’s possible thanks to Robin Hood!

Do you want to share a good time with your children, but you don’t know how?

Fun, learning and varieties of flavours, a journey of smell and taste. You will feel like a real pastry chef and discover the world of senses and quickly create a delicious dessert. Speed is not the only advantage of this product, it also has a homemade taste…

Thanks to Robin Hood, simple and quick baking will make your culinary experience with your children much easier.

With Robin Hood Quick Bread Mixes you can expect flavours such as cinnamon swirl or chocolate chip. It’s an ideal product for cooking with your kids and inventing all kinds of desserts, muffins, pancakes, cookies. By combining simplicity and exploration, you can offer them an educational and fun experience.

After you are finished, the next step combines fun and sharing. You can enjoy tasting your Robin Hood dishes. A smell of homemade cooking will emanate from the oven. Great memories will remain in your taste buds for a long time.

You can spend more time to taste your creations together and enjoy this moment.

Leslie Steh, a professional pastry chef, uses Robin Hood mixes to show her children her passion while sharing wonderful moments with them.

"At work, I create masterpieces and at home, memories!"

Memories full of fun and delicacy.

If you’re curious, watch the video below:


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