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Attracting more employees to your company through sustainability

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Modern society is attaching ever greater importance to environmental awareness and sustainability. As a result, people are increasingly buying seasonal organic products and sustainable clothing, and they are also swapping their cars for public transport more and more frequently.

Companies are also taking part in this development to an ever greater extent. For example, they use refurbished equipment, rely on a virtual office or design their contract management digitally.

For the most part, they have recognized that they need to make sustainability as high a priority as possible - in part so that they can continue to attract qualified employees to their company.

The attractiveness of sustainable employers

Nowadays, more and more employees expect social and ecological commitment from their employer.

Studies have already shown that sustainability is an extremely high priority for three out of four survey participants. If a company devotes a lot of space to sustainability, employee loyalty will benefit significantly - especially if the employees themselves are also involved in sustainable actions.

This topic is particularly important when you consider that the labor market is currently changing more and more into an employee market. In the STEM industries in particular, applicants are often free to choose their employer. Sustainability must therefore be firmly anchored in the general corporate strategy so that it becomes an indispensable component of employer branding. Efforts can also be underscored by appropriate certifications and awards, for example in the form of an Employer Seals.

Creating sustainable benefits - how it works

The sustainable mindset must also be demonstrated in terms of additional benefits for employees. Numerous areas provide the necessary starting points for this, whether health, mobility or nutrition.

In the past, typical status symbols included a parking space as close as possible and a company car. Today, a mobility budget or a leased bike are in high demand instead. If the company car cannot be dispensed with, it should at least consist of an electric car.

Since the Corona pandemic, mobile working and doing without business trips as well as long business routes have also been highly valued. This change significantly reduces the burden on the environment and cuts CO2 emissions.

When it comes to team catering, the focus should also be on regional products and organic foods. How about introducing vegetarian menus in the canteen, for example, or having the fruit basket stocked by the regional organic farmer?

However, it is important that the measures for more sustainability are always chosen to suit the respective products and services, the industry and the corporate culture. This benefits both the authenticity and the credibility of the employer and thus the entire employer brand.

High demand for digital concepts of corporate benefits

Sustainability can also be significantly supported by digital strategies and processes.

This applies, for example, to the HR area. If greater use is made of digital technologies here, an increase in transparency and resource efficiency can be achieved. This leads to a general optimization of HR processes, which in turn significantly benefits employee satisfaction and employee retention.

Digital approaches are particularly useful in the area of corporate benefits. One such approach could be the introduction of reloadable vouchers that offer digital payment options. This gives users the advantage of being able to use the voucher card regionally - and to do so contactlessly, securely and conveniently.


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