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Top 5 benefits of a modern office phone booth

office phone booth office phone booth

Working in an open office space, exposure to unpleasant noises, incoming notifications, and chatting colleagues may be difficult, especially after a long time of remote work. Noise is the main factor that distracts employees and lowers their productivity.

According to the research conducted by the University of Sidney, almost half of workers in an open-space office are dissatisfied with the lack of sound privacy[1]. The solution to this problem is a self-contained office pod.

1. Quiet workspaces promote creativity

Telephone conversations, focusing on complex tasks, and creative work is much harder in open offices. An office phone booth allows the employees to "do their job" in a quiet and safe place, where they are not easily distracted by other co-workers and visitors. It is especially important for demanding and creative tasks. The office phone pod is equipped with a double-glazed door, so the people working inside do not feel "secluded" and still may observe what is happening outside in the office.

2. Privacy of phone calls

It is less stressful to keep watching the Ps & Qs in privacy, without the need to worry about what the co-workers might think. In a hushPhone an employee can just show "the real me" at work, which was proven to radically improve productivity – there are no distractions, only the employee and their work. A Hushoffice pod protects the privacy of conversations and reduces the numbert of distractions, and reduces the stress of making phone calls in public.

3. Employees are more willing to collaborate

Working in an open office often results in snapping at co-workers for every request, or chatting about the matters that are not related to their work, which might be very upsetting and distracting. Working in a self-contained pod, employees become more independent and more inclined to seek out feedback on a specific project or task.

4. Modern office design

Modern phone booths have an extremely attractive design, add functionality and style to the workplace, and fit in really well with the existing office furniture and equipment. The right office pod is a great enhancement of every professional office, and allows for a cost-efficient adaptation of the workspace. Bright colors, and top-notch design make the phone booth a very attractive office accessory that emphasizes the prestige of an enterprise.

5. Versatility

A phone booth is the perfect, versatile solution, designed for telephone calls, video-conferences, and individual, focused work. It provides excellent acoustic properties, allowing the user to have the conversation in a peaceful and quiet environment, without the disturbing echo effect. It is possible to adjust the dimensions of the walls to the available office space, install superior sound-absorbing materials, e.g. carpet or rugs, and even choose the artwork matching the commercial interior design.


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