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An important sex hormone

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Hormones are very important factors which are indispensable in the proper functioning of the human body. They ensure the course of a number of processes without which growth and development of the body would not be possible.

Practically at every step, in every biochemical reaction taking place in the human body there are hormones somewhere around. In today's article testosterone comes to the fore.


Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays a major role in sexual maturation and sexual function in men. Genital development, muscle growth, fat distribution or dense hair - it is thanks to testosterone that these features are possible to achieve.

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Testosterone at high levels

When the concentration of testosterone in the body is too low, certain functions may be impaired. People who are physically active will suffer in this case - the growth of their muscle mass will be compromised, which in bodybuilders in particular can have unsatisfactory results. However, there is a way out of this situation. Testosterone boosters come to your aid, thanks to which raising the concentration of this hormone is possible.

Testosterone booster - specifications

It is counted among the dietary supplements that are very common on the market. However, it is a relatively young "invention". It will probably surprise many people, but natural testosterone boosters are widely available even in normal food. For example, D-aspartic acid is the main component of each of these types of supplements. Recent studies show that it can increase sperm count in men struggling to conceive.

Luteolin on the other hand which is an aromatase inhibitor also increases testosterone levels. This enzyme changes testosterone into estrogen. Its inhibition, on the other hand, will reduce the intensification of this process.

The root of the longjack plant is used in Asian countries. Its important ingredient is eurycomanone which reduces estrogen levels. Thus, the level of its competitor - testosterone will remain increased.

Other popular natural substances may include ginseng, astragalus, ginkgo biloba, nettle or ashwagamda.


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