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Easy application with pump

Bottles with pump Bottles with pump Pressematerialien

Comfortable cosmetic application is important because many creams and fragnances are used everyday. Packaging must be as practical as possible. Sometimes beauty products are carried in bags and taken to the office or to school. Therefore, they must remain in their package.

Bottles must be solid and easy to use with caps and dosing and bottles with pump are an excellent choice. Clients expect their cosmetics to be always fresh and free from all possible dirt. Thanks to innovative methods of cosmetic packaking it is all possible and economical.

Pump dispenser glass and plastic bottles

Bottles with pump are also known as bottles with pump dispenser. They are mainly used for various liquids. Pumps in beauty preparation products offer two main purposes. First, they make sure that only a small dose of liquid is used while the rest remains clean in the bottle. This prevents skin contact with the rest of liquid reducing waste and eliminating bacteria. Such prevention is crucial in creams and lotions. Another reason to rely on pump bottles is their amazing usefulness. Once a bottle is empty, it can be easily re-filled and thus, re-used. Aesthetic bottles colours and design make them appealing. They can serve as a practical decor.

Pumps in the shower

Grooming aids such as shampoo, liquid soap and shaving cream require bottles with pump. Easy and fast access are necessary in order to save time. In the bathroom, our hands are very frequently wet and then, opening a standard bottle would be complicated. Materials used to make bottles are safe for children and environmentally friendly. The most popular materials are PET and HDPE.

Foam soap new wave

Foam pumps are the new generation of bottles with pump. Foam is created when liquid goes up. The tube inside is pushed moving a piston. Then liquid in the housing moves up or down, depending on the pump movement. Usually, there is only direction of liquid. What remains in the tube returns to a bottle. Only a needed amount is used. Foam is light and it can attract children encouraging them to wash hands, body and face. The majority of cosmetics have fragnance providing even more aesthetic values. There are also many foam colours. Foam soap is easy to be washed away with water.

Cleaning supplies and pumps for everyone

Foam cleaning equipment is as popular as spray bottles. Bottles with pump can be used as smaller chemicals dispensers once clients prefer to purchase concentrate or, for example 5 l containers. 


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