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How to find sneakers that match your style

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Sneakers are very all-around shoes. Whether you’re planning on running, hiking, cycling, cross-training, weight-lifting, or just casually going about your business, you can easily find a pair of sneakers that will be suitable for the job.

However, exactly because of their great variety, you need to know a thing or two about sneakers to pick the right ones for you.

Finding the perfect pair of sneakers for you might sound like a daunting task, especially in the era of online shopping, where you can’t get fitted by professionals so easily. Thankfully, with some handy knowledge, you won’t have any issues choosing the right sneakers. Keep reading to find out exactly how to make your sneakers match your style.

Think about the purpose of your shoes

When it comes to sneakers, you can pick and choose from a whole range of types, styles, fits, and sizes. Knowing what you’re looking for is half the success, so think carefully about what you’re going to be using your sneakers for.

If you’re going for casual sneakers, the Nike Air Max 95 will make a perfect model - comfortable for everyday use and fashionable design, available in hundreds of variations. However, the additional cushioning used in the Air Max 95 might make them somewhat uncomfortable for running - instead, go with something designed for performance like the Nike Air Zoom.

Get more than one pair of sneakers

Instead of trying to find shoes that will match your every outfit, split your wardrobe into categories with separate sneakers. While sneakers are extremely versatile, they won’t fit every occasion - never try wearing sneakers to official events, no matter how fancy they seem.

There are basic sneakers, classic sneakers, sports sneakers, hiking sneakers, and even high-fashion sneakers. Try to do your research before making a purchase, see what you can choose from, and think about how well your shoes will fit your current wardrobe.

Always consider the extra features

While looks are certainly important, they aren’t everything when it comes to sneakers. Those extra features might look benign, but they might actually make wearing the shoes a much more enjoyable experience. Special inserts, gel-fillings, shock absorption - such features are especially important when looking for activity-oriented sneakers.

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