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The power of the rear: how to help the Army and the Territorial Defense Forces pixabay

Today, absolutely everyone is defending Ukraine –- someone at the frontline, someone in the rear as a volunteer, someone supporting the economy, and someone just finding the strength to get up in the morning and do everything possible.

Every Ukrainian is one big army of 40 million. Everyone has their own front and their own responsibilities –- all for the sake of approaching victory.

In this article, we have collected important information about helping our military. We believe that together we will defeat anyone!

Financial support of the Ukrainian Army and Territorial Defense Forces. 

Funding for the military is increasing every day, but there are always gaps –- problems with shipping, improper budget allocation, and so on. Every citizen can now support the Ukrainian Army and Territorial Defense Forces financially. There are several effective options for this, which include government accounts, charitable foundations and volunteer organizations.

Charitable Foundation "Group 35" has been united since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine, and since April have been registered as a charitable organization. Now Group 35 has expanded its activities, focusing on the urgent needs of the military and territorial defenders at the frontline. All activities of the Group 35 are coordinated with the military, which helps to quickly meet the most urgent needs. Link to the fund's account

You can send any amount from your own account for the needs of the Ukrainian army and the Territorial Defense Forces, or transfer "covid money" or part of it.


The need for volunteer help is now the most urgent. It is volunteers who are able to quickly cover the necessary needs of the military and refugees without bureaucracy and logistics problems. Almost all settlements have local volunteer associations where you can turn and offer your help. These include weaving camouflage nets, handing over essentials, cooking, sewing uniforms for the military, transporting humanities, and more. Free hands are always needed there.

Your blood can also save lives. Contact the nearest blood bank, and if there are no contraindications, donate blood for wounded soldiers and become a donor.

Fight the enemy on the digital front

With a computer or a smartphone, you can join the Internet troops of Ukraine, report the location of enemy equipment, counter fakes and propaganda, and spread truthful information through your own social networks.

In any case, it is very important to stay calm and assess the situation with a cool head. A lot of misinformation creates fear and panic, and this is exactly what our enemies are counting on. Work, love, continue to live as long as possible in your region and help to bring victory closer. We are strong. Glory to Ukraine!


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