Friday, 19 March 2021 11:41

Timber Construction: 5 Benefits of Building with Wood

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Timber has long been a popular building material due to its many benefits. Its thermal, acoustic, aesthetic, and functional properties make it useful for many applications, from log cabins to large commercial infrastructure.

 Here are the top five reasons why sustainable timber is a construction material:

  1. Fast to Build

When you want durable and beautiful structures built, you can opt for prefabricated timber. Wood frames can be cut, modulated, and built with precision, which leads to a shorter build time as compared to a stone or brick building. It further saves time because there is less building debris for you to dispose of.

Timber-framed buildings are quicker to erect than masonry structures. Quicker build time saves both money and time for the owners of residential and/or commercial property.

  1. Price

With a competent plan in place, a house built with log cabins or prefabricated timber frames can be very cost-effective. Clearly, the cost of timber is not so much lower than brick. Plumbing, foundations, sewer, and the like cost as much regardless of the frame.

The main area where you save with timber is the construction itself. It involves a simple kit-building method that means less need for specialized staff. Any staff will accomplish the work in a shorter time, saving you labor costs.

  1. Healthy to Live

As National Geographic says -We Are Wired To Be Outside!

But when we cannot be outdoors, we can bring the bliss of Mother Nature indoors. And, living in log cabins or a timber house is a great way to do so!

Timber buildings are known to offer health and wellness benefits, such as:

  • Lowers stress levels
  • Improves focus and creativity
  • Reduces pain perception and speeds up the recovery
  • Improves mental and physical health of the elderly

In addition, this natural material is also known to improve the cognitive ability of occupants and keeps up feeling cool.

  1. Durable

Correctly designed wood-framed buildings are very durable and last for decades or even centuries.

This is because of the timber’s ability to absorb and release moisture. It is highly resistant to many conditions and chemicals that adversely affect concrete and steel.

When developed with proper design, timber buildings bear less future repair and maintenance costs. In addition, good designs ensure that your buildings last and work well in various climates - high humidity, downpour, and extreme heat.

  1. Easier Delivery and More Convenient to Transport

Log cabins and timber-frame buildings are lightweight, and this makes them very easy to transport. Since these are easy to install and you can work with them using simple equipment, the construction material adds to your convenience.

In addition, the timber material is cheap and easy to maintain as compared to other construction materials.

Final Words

Besides these, timber constructions boast many other benefits, such as energy efficiency, great insulation, and reduced carbon footprints.

Being a natural material, wood is non-toxic, does not emit chemical vapor, and thus, it is safe to handle. As timber ages, it retains its natural charm and functionality.


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