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UGears Wooden Model Kits: Find Yours!

UGears UGears

How to surprise your friend or family member with an original gift that unites interesting activity and a developing process? Fortunately, UGears has a great solution for you. 

UGears wooden model kit is a unique 3d puzzle figure that can have different sizes and designs. 3d puzzles for adults, teenagers, and children are very popular in recent years. The assembly of volume wooden puzzles gives the possibility to relax and distract from problems by collecting small pieces of a kit. Moreover, the process of puzzle modeling is a great chance to spend time with your family and have some fun. Consider that the modeling of 3d puzzles enhances your attention, analytic skills, memory, and recollection. 

In addition, when the activity is over, you become an owner of an unusual remarkable accessory, which could become an amazing memorable décor element for your living or working space.   

UGears Wooden Model Kits for Adults and Kids

UGears (official website ­ ) is a leading company in the niche of 3d wooden puzzles for adults, kids, and teenagers. 

UGears 3d puzzles have gained such popularity due to the following peculiarities:

  • Safe materials. UGears uses only natural and eco-friendly materials, such as wood and plywood, for the production of its 3d puzzles.   
  • Real-motion effect. UGears applies a unique mechanical puzzle technique. So, you can assemble the mechanism and put it into action to see how it works in real life.  
  • Simple assemblage. The construction process does not require special skills and knowledge. Additionally, it is convenient that you do not need to use any tools like scissors or glue.
  • High-quality service. The company provides free shipping, wholesale, a 1-year assurance, packaging service, etc. 

Moreover, there is an impressive choice of UGears mechanical models:

  • Transport (Scrambler UGR-10 with Sidecar, Heavy Boy Track VM-03, etc.) 
  • Mechanisms (Stem Lab Tachometer, Aviator, etc.) 
  • Accessories (Hurdy-Gurdy, Mechanical Aquarium, Treasure Box, etc.) 
  • Animals (Horse, Butterfly, Dragon, etc.) 
  • Buildings (Theater, Railway Station, etc.) 

It is possible to find a design in accordance with your individual interests.


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