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When can you give a portrait as a present

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Some people find it extremely difficult to think of gifts for celebrations and holidays, so for them other people's wishlists and articles about certain types of gifts are very helpful. And actually, a portrait of a person can also be prepared as a gift.


You can give a portrait in many cases, for example:

  • As a gift for New Year, Christmas or any other holiday.
  • For a loved one's birthday or anniversary.
  • As a gift for parents or grandparents on Mother's Day or Father's Day.
  • As a wedding gift for newlyweds.
  • As a gift to a colleague or boss for a professional holiday or an important event.
  • As a gift for a person who is moving, to keep the memory of friends and loved ones.
  • As a gift for yourself or your family to decorate the interior of your house or apartment.

The portrait can include not only the recipient of the gift, but also his pet, a part of the landscape important to them - this can be discussed with the artist. And, of course, you have to know the person so that such a gift is sure to please them.

It is advisable to decide on a portrait as a gift a month before the desired date. It is necessary to take into account:

Portrait size - the larger the canvas, the more time the work can take

The shape of the canvas - if you order the portrait immediately with a frame, you will have to add time to its production.

Portrait material - digital painting, colored pencils, charcoal or pastel will not take the canvas to dry. A watercolor or acrylic painting will take less than a second to dry, but oil paints can take several days to several weeks to dry, depending on the thickness of the applied strokes. If the canvas is additionally treated with varnish to preserve the image, then it is also necessary to take into account its drying time.

The artist's workload and skill level - if the artist has many orders, you will have to wait until he can begin to execute your particular order; if you apply to an art studio, the standard waiting time is no longer than two weeks.

In addition to the above, you need to prepare several photos of the person whose portrait will be painted. If they are from different angles, it will simplify and speed up the work of the artist, in addition, he will be able to convey the likeness to the canvas much better. So, if you still decide to order a portrait, first collect the material that the artist will have to process, then choose an artist or studio to whom you will entrust the work, and you will have a gift in your hands that will evoke the warmth of emotions for a long time.


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