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Business Travel Gadgets

Business Travel Gadgets Business Travel Gadgets

A business trip is not like traveling for tourism! Keeping the purpose of your trip in mind helps you stay focused and productive. There may be some free time when you can go out and relax, but it is important to remember that you are not traveling to see new places or rest; this must be done outside of working hours.

Of course, unforeseen could happen on any trip, but a business trip requires more attention and care with some details that make all the difference.
Want to know how to plan your business trip?


Business people are the professionals among the travelers. They rarely get stressed and travel with light carry-on luggage. Especially smartphones and laptops should not be missed during a business trip. This business travel gadget makes life easier for frequent travelers. Introducing them: the best gadgets for business travel.

E Ink Reaker


Many of us spend a significant part of our lives on business trips. But you can’t lose a minute on the road, and it doesn’t matter whether you move by train to a neighboring city or become a passenger on a transatlantic flight. It is advisable to spend several hours of travel with maximum benefit - for example, looking at important documents, or reading specialized literature.

But it’s not always possible to take one or several books with you, because when traveling we are often limited by the weight of our luggage. Reading on a tablet or smartphone is also not the best option - on the road it’s not easy to find a power source to charge the device. And your eyes will get tired very quickly from reading on the LCD screen.

The best companion in any journey can be an E Ink reader. Did you know that with a weight of only about 200 grams, such a device can contain up to two thousand books? And you can charge the reader no more than once a month. In addition, their functionality is not limited to reading only.

Read, translate, listen


Thanks to the E Ink screen, the reader will allow you to read articles and business literature with maximum comfort for the eyes. PocketBook readers support 28 text and 4 graphic formats, which allows you to work with almost all electronic documents, including graphs and tables. And you will get a great opportunity to read books in any language, translating unfamiliar words using the predefined ABBYY dictionaries. Just highlight a word, click on it and get a professional translation. Moreover, most PocketBook electronic readers allow you to listen to audio books.



There are things on a business trip that are vitally important and that you carry in your luggage. For this reason you need to know where they are at all times. A good method is the etrack. This small device in your luggage will keep you informed at all times, through an app on your smartphone, where this precious material is. It will also notify you through an alarm when your luggage is already in the carousel.

iStorage datAshur Personal

Business travelers need to be able to quickly double-save their important data, transport them easily, and most importantly make sure they are safe.
The USB keys are easily lost, it is well known. The data stored on the iStorage datAshur Personal, to access it, you must enter a personal PIN code on the integrated keyboard before connecting to a USB port. And what's more, all data transferred on this device is physically encrypted to military standards.

Mobile print server

So you are on a business trip and you need to quickly print an airline ticket, copies of a passport page or two or three business e-mails before a meeting. Normally, it would take you a long time.
Fortunately, the xPrintServer (roughly the size of a mobile phone) allows you to print directly from a mobile device to a wireless printer, including a wide range of HP printers. It is available for Android and IOS devices.

Solpro Helios external battery

Chargers are not very useful when you have no electrical outlets nearby and even portable chargers are useless if you forget to charge them before using them. This is where Solpro Helios enters the scene.
Unlike most portable batteries, this device is powered by solar energy so it can be used on the go.

Equil Smartpen

This unique pen incorporates a handwriting recognition technology that allows you to write on paper and export your notes to the phone, tablet or computer.
The pen also offers streaming in real time, so you can share your written notes with coworkers during a meeting or presentation.

Mobile keyboard

You're probably used to only carrying your phone and tablet while traveling. If you have a lot of writing, mobile devices can be a time-consuming and sometimes painful business. The solution is a keyboard for multiple devices. The Logitech K480 keyboard is so slim and lightweight that it fits easily in a briefcase or backpack. It connects to your phone, tablet and notebook via Bluetooth, allowing you to quickly and accurately input text messages or reports. Thanks to the integrated holder, you always have an optimal view of your mobile device while typing.

Secure internet data plan and telephony

If you are raising a lot of electronics, probably the internet is a key item in your work, right?
And we know that few things are so stressful than relying on bad internet signals to work and have productivity affected by it.
So how about investing in a good data plan and phone call for as long as you are away from home on a business trip?
This ensures that you will be able to solve problems even from a distance.

Do you use a business card? Renew your inventory before travel

Taking a business trip is the best way to broaden your business contacts. In many cases, you can even get new customers and, of course, promote your brand.
For this, it is important that you always have a business card and that it is up to date.