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EVAK Pumps: Made for Professionals

EVAK's construction pumps EVAK's construction pumps

EVAK is a top manufacturer of long-lasting submersible pumps. Their low-cost, durable pumps have become popular among professionals in the construction and water-sewage industries. If you are a designer or involved in construction, industrial applications, or wastewater treatment, EVAK is a trustworthy and efficient choice for you.

Construction and Drainage Pumps

Regular submersible pumps need to be fully submerged in liquid to stay cool during non-stop operation. EVAK's construction pumps, such as the EUB, EUB-M, EDW, and DIVA series, can work continuously even if they're not fully submerged and there's not a constant flow of liquid. These pumps are made of strong materials and designed to fit in wells with small diameters.

Sewage Pumps

Traditional grinder pumps don't last very long in gravity sewer systems. EVAK's HIPPO sewage pumps offer a solution with full passage impellers that resist clogging without needing expensive grinders. Their design prevents sewage from getting stuck and causing blockages. These pumps also have built-in protection against issues like incorrect voltage and damage from blockage or overheating. Auto-coupling with sliding bracket make them easy to remove.

Pumps for Tough Conditions

In places like municipal pumping stations, sewage often contains materials like wet wipes and long fibers that can clog pumps. EVAK's LEOPARD pump is designed for these difficult conditions. It has a self-cleaning impeller and a mechanism to cut through larger solids and fibrous materials, making it one of the most effective solutions available.

Pumps for Special Tasks

Industrial applications often involve liquids with different properties and temperatures. EVAK STEEL pumps, made with acid-resistant steel and chemically resistant FKM seals, are designed to handle these challenges. They have effective cooling and can be adjusted for specific tasks, making them suitable for working with liquids at high temperatures (up to 70°C), different densities and viscosities, and a wide range of pH levels.


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