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Lifting equipment for heavy duty vehicles

There is a wide range of tools and machines available on the market for lifting trucks, buses, earthmoving machinery and other heavy-duty vehicles. When selecting models, it is important to pay attention not only to the durability of the machine, but also whether it has an ergonomic shape that will allow easy access to all parts of the vehicle, and how safe it is in operation. There is a whole range of models to choose from, many of which use several patents in one solution.


Mobile column lifts - an efficient and safe tool Masteron Enanthate

One of the best types of lifting tools are mobile column lifts. There is a large selection of these devices on the market that will manage the task of raising most types of vehicles. They have different fork sizes, which allows them to be adapted to the size of wheels and vehicles with non-standard shapes. It is a tool that allows to perform quick maintenance operations in a simple way, which results in increased work efficiency. The use of adjustable column lifts also guarantees ease and safety for mechanics. Their small dimensions allow mechanics to work with ease, being able to access every part of the car and move around the vehicle with all the necessary tools and equipment. They also ensure efficient space management in a car workshop - unused jacks take up little space and can be stored in any convenient place for mechanics.

Adjustable column lifts for use inside and outside the workshop

There are both wired and wireless devices on the market. The former work best in workshops where the lifts stand in one fixed place where they are used regularly. The wireless option, on the other hand, is a very useful solution when lifts are needed in different parts of the workshop. They are equipped with a control system that makes the control and adjustment of the lift extremely easy. What's more, lifts with a wireless system can be used both inside and outside, which is important for many customers. The only factor that restricts their use is the need for an appropriate, stable surface.

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