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Makita 18v impact wrench: a tool with unique characteristics

 Makita 18v impact wrench Makita 18v impact wrench

There are always problems with stuck individual bolts, such as on shock absorbers and spring clamps or steering gear. But Makita has a solution to this issue, the Makita impact wrench, which we'll look at today.

The impact wrench is a handy and productive device. Every workshop has a similar tool. But you don't have a workshop, and you need a mobile solution. And let me tell you, the Makita cordless impact wrench can handle all your requirements.

How to choose the right Makita impact wrench 

Choosing the right Makita brushless impact wrench is totally confusing to the layman. Let's start with the kit. The kit of each wrench consists of:

  • an 18V battery;
  • a connection with a half-inch outer square.

We can find 16 different cordless impact wrenches with an external square drive. And all of them look the same. However, all of Makita 18v impact wrench have unique characteristics

Choosing the Makita brushless impact wrench: the main criteria

Before buying the Makita 18v impact wrench, it is essential to check whether the model you are considering meets your needs. To do this, you should pay particular attention to the following criteria:

Frequency of use and purpose: the choice of an impact wrench depends foremost on the purpose for which it is intended, its frequency of use, and the hardness of the materials to be assembled or disassembled.

Tightening torque: expressed in Newton-meters (Nm), the tightening torque represents the tightening force of the device. A force between 120 and 150 Nm is sufficient in most situations, 120 Nm being suitable for tightening a wheel stud.

Breakaway torque: Complementary to the tightening torque, this criterion corresponds to the maximum breakaway force of the impact wrench.

A number of strokes: The number of strokes per minute plays a central role in the speed of the impact wrench, and its effectiveness.

Speed of rotation: Specifically, a low speed impact wrench is sufficient for most common operations. It is expressed in revolutions per minute (rpm).

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