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The 5 Best PDF Editors You Can Use

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The 5 Best PDF Editors You Can Use

           Whether you are working for a business, on a school assignment, or a personal project, having the right tools can make or break your success.

When you are working with documents, one of the most important tools you can have at your disposal is a PDF editor. PDF editors allow you to edit and manage PDFs, one of the most used document types due to their versatility in use. Regardless of your task, there is often a need to work with PDFs, but before you get started, you must first select an editor to work with. Although there are many great online PDF editors available online, here are some of the more popular ones.


Lumin PDF

           Lumin PDF is a New Zealand based company and their PDF editor has millions of users worldwide. The Lumin PDF editor offers some great tools that some other PDF editing software does not. Although Lumin PDF offers many of the standard PDF editing features such as editing, merging, converting, and compression, it has an additional asset that sets it apart. Lumin PDF works with Google Drive, which allows the user to download and save PDFs directly to their (or their company’s) Google Drive storage. This means greater ease of access and security relative to other PDF editors. Not only this but having direct access to Google Drive means that when you are working with others on a PDF-based project, it is easier to manage PDF files between multiple people and teams who are also reviewing and editing the same document(s). Lumin PDF is a versatile online PDF file editor especially for those working in a business.

Adobe Acrobat

           Adobe Acrobat is often the first PDF file editor that comes to people’s minds when they think of PDFs and online PDF editors. Is it one of the best PDF editors for you though? There are some great benefits to Adobe Acrobat. It has almost any tool or feature you can think of. You can use it to edit a fillable PDF file, or even create a fillable PDF document. Despite its obvious benefits, there are some flaws with Adobe Acrobat. One of the first things you will notice if you attempt to purchase Adobe Acrobat PDF editing software is the price tag. This price can be a bit high for some, and even though they have an affordable monthly subscription plan that you can purchase, with many free PDF editors available online, it is hard for some to justify the cost. The other issue is the learning curve which can be steep for some. Adobe Acrobat does not have the best interface of PDF editors on this list which can make things difficult for those unaccustomed to using it. While Adobe Acrobat has many great features, it might not be the best choice for everyone.

PDF Filler

           PDF Filler is an online PDF editor that is easier to use compared to some others such as Adobe Acrobat. It allows the user to edit almost everything and has a simple and user-friendly interface. One interesting feature of PDF Filler is that it can be sent to many people at once who can then sign the PDF. This is great if you are working with many people or with multiple companies at once. PDF Filler is not a free editor, and its price might be a bit high for the service it offers, but in terms of utility, it does give you the ability to use all the traditional PDF tools such as editing, conversion, and merging. Even if it is not free, PDF Filler is a useful PDF editor which gives you freedom plus an easy user interface.


           PDFescape is another popular online PDF editor. It is also not a free editor, but in comparison to some others on this list, the cost is not such a stumbling block. There are different plans available, but the costs are reasonable especially if you are working in a business environment. As for the product itself, it is a useful PDF annotator and editor, but it does have some drawbacks. It is an online PDF editor, so you can work with it directly from your browser, and is also easy to use, meaning you will not have to spend a long time figuring out what you need to do. The main issue with PDFescape is that it is not capable of removing text. PDFescape only allows the user to add text or annotate the PDF rather than making some broad changes such as removing existing information.


           The last online PDF file editor on this list is PDFElement. It has a lot of great tools and can do many things that other online PDF editors can not do, such as remove text. PDFElement is a bit like Adobe Acrobat in terms of ability but is easier to use. The drawback with PDFElement is the cost, which can price some people out of use. For a business, this is not so bad, but for students or people working on a personal project, this might be off-putting. One thing to consider with PDFElement is that there is a more basic free version available as an app for download. So, if you are comfortable working from your phone, the more basic version PDFElement is a good option when looking to edit PDFs online for free.           No matter what type of document you are working on, the ability to edit them in PDF format is a great asset. There are many online PDF editors which can be used to either edit a PDF file or create a fillable PDF template for others to use, but which one to choose can be a difficult decision. Ultimately, what is best depends on the user. For different users, there are different priorities such as cost and tools. These are some of the more prominent online PDF editors and if you take the time to explore them and see which one best matches your needs, you will find the PDF editor that works best for you.


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