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Non-historical Things to Do on a Trip to Boston

Trip to Boston Trip to Boston

Boston is a remarkably historically significant city. One of the largest cities in Colonial America, it was a critical center for revolutionary activity, and accordingly, the city is spotted with historical landmarks, like the Boston Common where the colonial militia mustered and the Old South Meeting House where the Boston Tea Party began.


Yet, not every traveler to Boston is interested in spending time around American historical sites. Fortunately, Boston is old, vast and diverse — so there are plenty of non-historical activities for the eager Boston tourist.

Go for a Hike

Boston isn’t exactly known as a prime outdoorsman’s travel destination, but there are spaces around Boston that allow for the experience of fresh air and natural adventure. Spectacle Island is one of the largest and most accessible of the Boston Harbor Islands and has been protected as a national and state park. On Spectacle Island, travelers can engage in all manner of outdoor activities, but the best is exploring the island’s five miles of hiking trails. Beginner and avid hikers alike will enjoy meandering through the island’s trees and drumlins, eventually reaching the highest point in the harbor and securing some spectacular views of the city.

Consume Cannabis

Massachusetts was among the first eastern states to pass recreational cannabis regulations, and Boston’s cannabis industry is definitely booming. Travelers can use Weedmaps to find Massachusetts marijuana dispensaries, but they should also be sure to secure 420-friendly accommodations through a service like Bud and Breakfast. Cannabis consumption is legal for adults aged 21 and over, but city regulations prohibit the use of weed in public. Still, it can be fun to get high at home then explore some of the city’s more touristy areas, like Harvard Square, Copley Square or Fenway Park.

Visit the Mapparium

Though the Mapparium was constructed in 1935 and is located in a museum, this attraction is less about history and more about art and beauty. The Mapparium is a three-story globe, depicting the location of the continents and countries using huge and brightly colored stained-glass panels. Visitors explore the Mapparium from a 30-foot glass walkway; it is exciting enough to see the glowing, colored glass, but the interesting acoustics of the space make the visit even more engaging and fun.


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