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Valdez-Whittier Ferry with The Ferry Traveller

Valdez-Whittier Ferry Valdez-Whittier Ferry

Take the Valdez-Whittier Ferry with The Ferry Traveller - an unforgettable journey through the beautiful scenery of Alaska. On the trip you will meet with wild animals, glaciers, mountains and many wonders of nature. Service The Ferry Traveller guarantees tourists the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquility of this unforgettable route. Valdes-Whittier is an amazing beauty route that will be remembered for life.

On Whitter one can find:

  • historical architecture and 

  • active outdoor activities such as hiking 

  • wildlife observation

During World War II, Whittier was a noisy military port, and now it is a wonderfully beautiful town with a rich history. Whittier is located among the Chugach Mountains. Outdoor lovers can go for a hike. Also in the city there are remnants of the military past. You can visit the old barracks and military infrastructure. 

An unforgettable journey to Whittier 

The company offers competitive prices for its ferry services, making it an affordable option for travelers. Convenient schedule of routes allows you to choose the best suitable option for you. With The Ferry Traveller you can visit the most remote and difficult places to travel. Ferries are also more environmentally friendly than other modes of transport.

On the site you can find out:

  • book ferry tickets 

  • learn the routes 

  • know the schedule 

Local shops and Whittier’s snack bars offer local tastes. Fresh seafood, Alaska’s finest cuisine. There are also many galleries and talented artists in the city. Whittier is suitable for both outdoor activities and relaxation. If you want to know more about the routes can be found on the site or call the phone and managers will help you choose the right trip.