Monday, 28 September 2015 09:45

We are describing the highest buildings which will rise in the world

Here now we are describing the biggest buildings to 2020. It is top ranking 10. We are convinced that architectures will appeal to even most demanding graduates. On the spot Lotte is tenth super Tower which will be built in North Korea. For her the height will be 555 metres.

For us the ninth place Goldin Finance 117 is. She will be built in Tianjin into the China public relations and will be measuring 597 metres. Planned finishing the structure for 2015. Next a building is Mecca Royal Clock Tower in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. This building will achieve over 600 metres. On the spot seventh we have Incheon Tower: Incheon in South Korea. Similarly to Mecca he is 601 metres high and it will be possible to admire her in 2015. A next building is Spire Chicago in United States. He will be measuring 610 metres. On the spot Shanghai Tower is fifth into the China public relations. For her the height is predicted to 632 metres. On the spot 4 in Dubai United an Emirates Arab is Burj Khalifa. The building will be very high. He will reach as many as 828 metres. Into top 3 they are Sky financial centre in China, the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah/Saudi Arabia and Burj Mubarak Al Kabir in Kuwait. They are measuring one by one 838, 1000 and 1001 metres.