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Automotive Car Parts Financed by Insurance Companies

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Automotive car parts are in high demand especially when there is an accident.

Car servicing may also require that some car parts be replaced. When choosing car parts, various factors come into play such as: durability, affordability and suitability.

Every car model has car parts that are specific to them for them to function at their optimum. Purchasing automotive car parts directly could prove to be very expensive.

This is why it is wiser to invest in an insurance policy for your vehicle. It is a long-term investment that is a bit manageable and flexible as compared to sourcing cash in the event of an emergency such as being involved in an accident. When it comes to the type of automotive parts financed by insurance companies, it boils down to the insurance company that you choose. Insurance companies aim to keep their costs as low as possible.

There are basically three types of automotive car parts:

  1. The original manufacturer , otherwise simply referred to as (OEM) parts. They are made by the original car manufacturer and tend to be quite expensive.
  2. The Aftermarket automotive parts. These ones are made by a manufacturer other than the original manufacturer of the said car model. They are an imitative brand of the original but serve the intended purpose just as well.
  3. Used car parts. They are obtained from the junkyard from cars that have probably suffered damage and their owners prefer to sell the parts. There are dealers who buy these damaged vehicles and extract the parts to sell. This is definitely the cheapest option among the three.

It is important to consult with your insurance company on their most preferred type of automotive parts. Of course those that insure with the original car parts could be a bit more costly but will serve you in the long term. These parts are perfect fits because they are specific unlike the rest that you have to gamble with. Educate yourself on the basics of how things work.


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