Tuesday, 03 March 2020 09:07

Are you looking for Kevlar® motorcycle shirts? Check out soonmotowear.com.

Kevlar Motorcycle Denim Kevlar Motorcycle Denim

Riding a motorcycle usually requires a decent and solid motorcycle gear that assures safety -most frequently a leather suit or a relatively thick leather jacket.

As far as the lower parts of the body are concerned, motorcyclists often choose leather pants or jeans with a lining made of abrasion-resistant material, i.e. material of aramid fibers, usually Kevlar®. Until now the market has offered very few items of stylish motorcycle clothing which could be also worn after the ride and which would not necessarily draw attention. The soonmotowear company, a producer of motorcycle shirts / jackets made of Kevlar® lining, comes to the rescue. What seems to be so characteristic about their Kevlar® shirts is that they do not look like typical motorcycle clothing at all. You might wear it as part of everyday wear but also, for instance, while skateboarding. It will be a perfect choice. The company prides itself on using only premium fabrics and the Kevlar® used in motorcycle shirts is of the best quality.

Soonmotowear claims not to be attaching pads to its shirts since they do not usually fulfill their role, move around and provide little comfort. Instead, the producer claims to be focusing on high-quality outer fabrics and the proper type of Kevlar®. Although this is just the beginning and the first soonmotowear collection, the design and quality of the products really stand out. Apart from classic flannel shirts and denim shirts, the offer includes interesting motorcycle khaki shirts and - our favorite – camo shirts. We keep our fingers crossed for the success of this project and the other products.


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