Monday, 13 July 2020 14:22

Roomzilla: Trends & Insight That May Surprise You

Roomzilla: Roomzilla:

If you visit our blog or test out our platform, you may see that the Roomzilla team writes a lot about the room & space reservation system industry.  We’ve also utilized our own research, insight, and even our own data to provide analysis & trends within everything from covid-19 / pandemic to workplace optimization methods (such as hot desks).

With that being said, we’d like to share some other high level trends we’ve started noticing as we also have our “fingers on the pulse” in terms of return to work trends as well as new features in demand to make workplace management not only more efficient, but now also safer and keeping in mind the health & safety of the people that use the space (even more than before).  

We are currently in July and on one side, we are seeing a higher demand from prospects for space time management, in particular hot desking requirements.  It makes sense considering the social distancing imposed on a company and/or government level, and also with space now being reduced, the need to ensure its utilization has increased.  

Customers are making even more effort to better understand that Roomzilla is not just an online calendar but in fact a tool as necessary during this period as the videoconferencing tools were during the global quarantine period.  The result, more engagement with our prospects & clients which we’re happy about.  We do feel that businesses, schools, gyms, and other organizations that manage spaces are gradually starting to understand how crucial our tool is.  As a result,  we have been investing more development into it from the user experience to its features.

You just read the above right as well, we’re not just conference room booking for office buildings anymore.  While we do continue to support our growing list of clients in that sector, we are getting equal interest as well as a growing client base from other industries.  We’ve recently had some very interesting non-office space companies come on board and they have managed to fully get the benefit from a service like ours.  

While there are currently parts of the world re-entering into a lockdown state or at least considering it, we’re hard at work on our product to be there to help “defrost” these lockdowns as we have already, and match the ever changing needs for a wide range of organizations to try and get back to normal as quickly as possible.


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