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signNow — perfect eSignature solution

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The modern conduct of business involves electronic document management and, consequently, the use of electronic signature, what are usual now. This makes it easier to manage all the processes in an organization, but entrepreneurs may encounter difficulties at the first stage. And this universal proliferation has led to the emergence of a platform that has taken electronic document signing to the next level.


Why is the eSignature of documents used?

Let's start by defining what eSignature of documents is used for and its role in managing documents. The document flow in the world is enormous, and it is directly related to the use of computers. It turns out that the more technology is used, the more documents need to be printed. 

And then each such document must be signed, scanned, and reloaded into the computer. And a physical copy of the document will be kept in the archive. It's a tedious process, isn't it? And for a good reason, because a document without a signature will not have any legal force. 

This is why a digital document cannot be organized and function without a system of electronic signatures. And now large, medium and small businesses, and even government organizations are beginning to use electronic signatures and systems that provide document management with electronic signatures

They all find it more advantageous than the standard way of handling documents:

  • A more cost-effective system that saves time and business resources
  • The speed of transactions and signing contracts increases, as does the speed of the business as a whole.
  • Accessibility and mobility.

Who might need an eSignature service?

Now every business is fortunate to introduce an electronic document management system into its processes. It would speed them up incredibly. Because every, even the smallest business is a pile of documents that require your attention. And besides, the trend towards environmental friendliness dictates its own terms, which even government organizations around the world do not refuse. That's why solutions like SignNow are the future.

SignNow is the right eSignature service

SignNow is one of the most functionally rich tools in the area of electronic signatures. This solution is designed to simplify electronic document management. And in addition, it gives organizations the tools to create documents and automated processes in document management.

This focus of the service will help significantly optimize processes within your business through easy integration with virtually all other software solutions. A distinctive feature of SignNow has integration with Microsoft Word and Excel. This feature makes it much easier to send, collect, store, view, and collaborate on documents that are important to you. And if you use Google's oyais solutions, you'll obviously benefit from the ability to integrate signNow with Google Drive and the entire Google Office suite.

Obviously, choosing SignNow for your documentation is not only about ease of use but also about improving your business productivity by reducing document workflow time. And SignNow provides excellent data security. All encryption is based on 256-bit encryption algorithms. But the security solutions don't end there. The service has two-factor authentication of the signer. In addition, it requires a password for the final signature, which eliminates any possibility of intrusion.

And since security and convenience are critical to our software, we couldn't ignore the document recovery feature. This is a necessary solution in case of a network outage or other emergency situation. You'll always be able to get back to work in no time.

And now, we can highlight the main advantages of SignNow:

  • Ability to share documents.
  • Visible fields in documents. 
  • Integrate with business applications.   
  • Ability to work with Android and iOS devices.
  • Document security and validation. 
  • Availability of many ready-made document templates.

How does SignNow work?

Let's look at the scheme of work on the example of one document. As with any other electronic signature tool, we first create a document and make a list of the people who have to sign it. And then we share it.

The document template can be created very flexibly, with the necessary fields to be filled out in advance. The entire list is on the side column. You can drag and drop them right onto the document.

After the document is sent for signature, the recipient receives an email with a link to the document. When you open the document, you can see the highlighted fields that require your signature. In addition, you can download or draw your scanned signature directly in the service. After signing, the author receives a notification that the document has been signed, and all participants of the transaction can save it for themselves by downloading it from the link.


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