Wednesday, 03 June 2015 10:44

Exlusive Dior fragrance Hypnotic Poison

Hypnotic Poison is reinventing itself as an astonishing fragrance that cleverly blends the oriental with the fresh and charm with subtlety. Its citrus opening slowly reveals notes of Jasmine Sambac, making way for the sensual and explosive atmosphere of a vanilla heart note, and base notes with potent and exotic accords.

Between apparent lightness and refined sensuality, this fresh oriental surprises with its unexpected, provocative and irresistible character.

The white flowers of the vanilla plant produce a fruit that ripens over 8 to 9 months. Its pods are harvested before they are fully ripened, and then undergo a 34 month maturation process. Their perfume develops and vanilla crystals appear, leading the vanilla to reveal soft and spicy accords. It blossoms in the base note of Eau Secrète.

A symbol of feminine sweetness, jasmine is one of the most-used flowers in perfumery. It's delicate nature makes it a perfume in itself. Jasmine is one of heart note ingredients in Hypnotic Poison.

Every Mediterranean country cultivates the mandarin tree, but the best quality of mandarin is produced in Italy. There are several varieties of this fruit – yellow, green and red, each corresponding to a different stage of ripeness.
Mandarin essence is among the citrus notes in the fragrance, adding a fresh and fruity touch.


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