Friday, 20 March 2015 15:38

Furniture in a comedy scene Featured

Do class and elegance always have to go hand in hand with seriousness? It turns out that they don’t. Nobody is always serious, and even the most eminent person has a sense of humour. The same goes for furniture – it doesn’t always have to be gloomy and heavy. Sometimes it is used simply to relax.

BoConcept has specialized in the production of unique furniture and accessories for interior design for over sixty years. Thanks to their style they have thousands of satisfied customers. The furniture is characterized not only by modern design, but above all by high quality and functionality.

In a new spot from BoConcept, we can see how useful these items can be. In the comedy scene in which we see two friends - Mads (Mads Mikkelsen) and Dejan (Dejan Cukic), we can discover different unusual solutions that BoConcept furniture provides. A bed with a very large storage compartment that can be lifted up, an armchair with an electronically adjustable headrest and a table, which can be folded and unfolded – all of these items make the apartment not only elegant, but also multifunctional.

If you like the luxurious furniture of the apartment in Valencia, you may be tempted to get it. You just have to take part in the competition, in which you can win ten thousand euros to spend on furniture and accessories, as well as the services of a professional interior decorator. Check out the details by clicking on the spot.


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