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How to Keep Your Tennis Court in Playable Condition

advice for tennis court construction advice for tennis court construction

Tennis, a racket sport believed to have emerged in northern France in the 12th century, has a large fanbase around the world, and its popularity continues to grow. It’s not only played by professionals but also individuals and groups looking to go outside and have some fun while keeping fit.

To cater for the surging interest in the sport, many investors are developing tennis courts. But how do you keep your court playable?


Tennis Court Materials

Different courts have different playing surfaces. Some of them include clay, grass, synthetic grass, asphalt, polymeric rubber, and concrete. Obviously, you need to first learn the pros and cons of each surface before you decide which one is best for you. For an informed decision, check out some expert advice for tennis court construction. Regardless of the material you pick, you will need to give it special care to ensure you it’s in line with the approved standards and safety measures. Here’s how to take care of your court.

Clean Your Court Regularly

Materials like macadam and polymeric rubber require frequent cleaning. Other materials should also be cleaned to remove dirt and any debris that may affect the safety and convenience of the playing surface. Partnering with a professional sport surfacing cleaner will help you know what type of brush, pressure washer, and chemicals should be used to clean a specific court material.

Repaint the Surface

Due to heavy use and the elements, a court’s anti-slip and anti-fungal paint coatings can quickly wear out and lose their effectiveness. To prevent further damage of the surface, it’s recommended you repaint when you notice signs of wear, preferably every few years. This will improve its slip resistance and aesthetics.

Repair and Resurfacing

After years of use and bad weather, the court will need repairs at some point. If there are cracks or uneven surfaces that hold water when it rains, have them repaired. If the court’s flooring is in a terrible state, you may need to consider resurfacing.

Get an Insurance Cover

A tennis court insurance cover is essential whether you are constructing a new court, upgrading one, or you want to protect against accidents involving players, spectators or employees. Make sure you choose a package that will protect against any risks and keep you from being closed down.

Partner with the Professionals

Whether your court is used by a professional club, guests, or students, your court needs to be in safe and optimal condition. The only way you can achieve this is by working with professionals whenever you need to clean, repair, resurface or upgrade it. For improved indoor court conditions, start partnering with experts that offer innovative gymnasium construction.


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