Thursday, 16 July 2020 09:15

Betfan Legal Team

In the spring of 2020, Bill Belkin began writing a free e-mail newsletter to entice betfan. His plan was to make money online by reading emails about betting on horse races. It was a relatively new business model that he had tried in the past, and the betfan executives were eager to meet him.

Eventually, they contacted him, but it wasn't until later when he met them personally that he realized his chances to make a profit in the future were slim.

For those who don't know, Betfan is an online marketplace that allows users to list their bets. The horses are listed in many categories, including "Triple Crown Winner," "Best Race," and "Master Class Winner." Each category is backed up by a Betfan legal attorney who takes care of all legalities, in case of any disputes. The winners get paid from the jackpot prize, which can reach up to several thousand dollars. But if you win the Triple Crown, you'll also earn more than just the prize money - you can get your name featured in the site, for instance.

Betfan's legal issue with Belkin was twofold.

First, Betfan believed Belkin had provided Betfan with free advice, without which the site would have been useless. Belkin insisted that his advice had always been helpful, but according to Betfan, it was "merely the product of the author's common sense" and was not legal advice.

Second, Belkin wanted to warn bettors about legal issues. He was particularly concerned about individuals who were gambling their own retirement savings with the hopes of winning even more. Belkin figured that if he was going to be successful at trading on the opinions of beans, then he needed to do his part to ensure that bettors didn't fall into that trap.

Belkin hired the Betfan legal attorney in order to get around Betfan's copyright protection. According to Belkin, "my client does not want to give any indication that they don't own the intellectual property rights to the newsletters. In fact, we certainly hope that the use of the term 'Betfan Legal' creates a certain degree of skepticism among readers about whether or not the opinions contained therein are really from a legal professional."

Betfan hired the Betfan legal representative to get around the copyright issues. However, the Internet Archive, a library of archived web pages, found the newsletter and removed the contents from their site. Belkin took this as a victory for his side and he appealed the decision.

After a protracted battle, Betfan lost. However, this didn't mean that Belkin was finished. After some research, Belkin figured out that Betfan was not only infringing his copyright in the newsletter, but it was also blatantly misrepresenting the facts.

When the Betfan attorneys started sending out cease and desist letters, Belkin thought they were just looking for an excuse to try to get him to stop trading, but the legal representatives told him that it was for legal reasons. This annoyed Belkin even more. He thought they were trying to take his trade away from him.

He was sure that the betfan legal team was acting like lawyers who were going to sue him if he didn't sign off on every request made by them. His inbox was full of angry letters. Finally, he began investigating other betfan employees.

One employee of Betfan was in Belkin's office the day he confronted him. Belkin was absolutely shocked to find out that Betfan's attorneys were actually employees! Belkin discovered that the employee had been manipulating Betfan's data.

Betfan fired the employee. In the legal fight, Belkin ended up losing, as far as winning a case against Betfan. However, he won the battle to prove the allegations against Betfan were true.


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