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Pull-Out Waste bins

Pull out kitchen waste bin - Furnica Pull out kitchen waste bin - Furnica

Waste bins are undeniably an essential in every household. They are a necessity in an office, bathroom or a kitchen. There are many types of them, starting from the most classic, plastic or metal ones and ending with the more 'fancy' bins. It is important that the waste bins do not ruin the design of the space that you put them in.

The ones we present are pull-out waste bins, which can be easily hidden, for example in a counter under the sink or in any other cabinet, the choice is yours! The sight of a waste bin in the corner of a room can sometimes be off-putting, that is why pull-out waste bins are a graet, convenient alternative to the freely-standing trash cans that can be easily noticeable.


Different models

In our offer, there are a few models available; smaller containers (2X15L) would be suitable for a household lived by a single person or a couple, who do not generate a lot of waste and the bigger ones (2X20L or 2X34L), will easily suffice to contain the litter of a big family. Pull-out waste bins are also a great product that can help you start living an eco friendly lifestyle, which is much needed in these times. There are several containers that will definitely help you organize your litter in order of the material that it is made from. The runner drawers used in the making of these bins guarantee an easy and smooth way of opening and closing them. So, next time you are choosing your lwaste bins, why not think of a pull-out ones? Browse our offer and choose the products most sutiable for you!

Choose a waste bin that is perfect for your needs!

You will find various types of waste bins for kitchens and kitchen recycling bins in our offer. Pay attention to such parameters as the number of bins, pull-out mechanism, as well as overall dimensions (before purchasing, carefully measure the cabinet in which you want to install the waste bin). This way, you can conveniently choose exactly the type of trash can you need in your kitchen! Pull out kitchen waste bin - Furnica


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