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How Does Cannabis React In Animals (Like For Horses) VS CBD Oil

CBD OIL for horses CBD OIL for horses

Two substantial strains of the cannabis plant are hemp and marijuana, each containing a consistency of different cannabinoids with varying results when consumed. 


 The hemp plant has a prevalence of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound with therapeutic properties used to assist with health-related ailments for humans and animals. CBD hemp oil products are legal for cultivation, sale, and consumption without the need of a medical provider or vet approval. It is wise to seek consultation before initiating use.

Marijuana contains a large supply of THC, an intoxicant responsible for the “high” when indulging in the products. THC also offers many therapeutic properties beneficial also for health conditions, but the element is harmful for animals, and in order for humans to consume these products for medicinal purposes, there needs to be a doctor’s ‘recommendation’ on file.

A primary concern in the animal community centers on what effects marijuana can have on a ‘pet’ of any size or species, like for instance horses, if they were to consume it inadvertently. Can a horse get high on weed? Find out the toxicity level of marijuana with animals at .

Can Horses Get Stoned?

Horses can feel the effects of marijuana the same as a dog or cat that has ingested the substance. Equines have an endocannabinoid system just as all mammals do, allowing them similar experiences from the compound. The psychoactive element, THC, is not recommended for horses as it can be toxic for the animal, although minimal research exists. 

According to the ASPCA, it is likely that the substance will have the same type of adverse reaction for equine that it does for other species of animals, including lethargy, blood pressure changes, exaggerated gait, and altered heart rate. The suggestion for equestrians is to avoid providing ponies with psychoactive components with the potential for harmful reactions inclusive of the possibility of fatality.

While it is strongly advised to keep toxic compounds away from where a horse can possibly ingest the substance, demand continues for research into the use of medical marijuana for the species. Minimal studies exist as to how equines react to the herb with veterinary research focusing on the effects relating to dogs. 

That hasn’t stopped the innovation of CBD oil products, however, specially created for horses by companies offering a wide range of options (click now). The oils have no psychoactive components touting a safe, nontoxic and organic option offering a multitude of health-related benefits specifically related to this species.

Contacting The Vet 

In unusual circumstances, there may be an occasion where you inadvertently subject your pony to significant levels of THC resulting in adverse reactions. At the first sign of symptoms, it’s imperative that you contact the animal’s regular vet. The dose would need to be significantly high for there to be a reaction. Some symptoms the animal may experience include:

  • Tripping, exaggerated gait.

  • Altered heart rate

  • Blood pressure decreased

  • Body temperature lowered

  • Lethargy

One way that a horse can be exposed to THC of this quantity is if you purchase CBD products of a lesser quality without lab testing or those missing a Certificate of Analysis confirming the ingredients in the product. In many cases, these offer a greater THC level than what is legally allowed, and often don’t have the amount of CBD in the product claimed. 

When it comes to your ‘pets,’ it's vital to do your homework before buying from any brand to make sure that the manufacturer abides by the highest standards. You want to maintain the safety and well-being of your animals with only the best compounds. Learn the ‘high’ animals experience from marijuana here

Final Thought

In the way that humans receive a “high” from marijuana, animals experience similar circumstances. But depending on the amount they ingest, the compound has the potential for being lethal to our furry friends. 

When giving your horse CBD oil, you need to make sure that the products are pure by purchasing from reliable, trustworthy suppliers who have their products third-party lab tested. These brands are transparent with the ingredients in the substances they offer so you can rest assured your horse’s health is not put at risk.


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