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Relax and Explore Paris by Foot

Staying in one of the hostels in Paris? Exploring on foot can be one of the best ways to capture the heart and soul of the city.It's easy to be tempted into wasting time and, in our working life, most of us resist the urge and knuckle down to get on with the job. Strangely, many of us also do this on holiday and resist the urge to waste our precious holiday time doing 'nothing'.


However, certain destinations can, in fact, be enhanced by the experience of simply wandering the streets without too much of a preconceived purpose. Paris is definitely one such city, and much of its allure lies in the intangible. For those adventurous people who prefer independent travel and stay in one of the hostels in Paris, here are some tips to make something out of doing nothing.

Marvel at the Monuments

The open-minded traveller will be especially rewarded when they give in to a temptation that can be enjoyed within a short walk of the city's hostels. In Paris, holidays can be overwhelming with the amount of things to see and do – you may worry if you can fit it all in. But by simply allowing your feet to wander you will be surprisingly rewarded. All over the city are great monuments to history, and a stroll in any direction can see you stumbling across iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, the Louvre or the Champs Elysees. Experiencing the city on foot, and without a firm and fast plan, will allow you to get your bearings and enjoy the ambience without having to rush from place to place to tick items off an itinerary. Of course, if you'd prefer to follow a map with a more structured plan, that's fine, but consider being bold – it often turns out to be the most magical way of exploring.

Be Piqued by the Parks

Many of the hostels in Paris will afford you easy access to the delicious urban mayhem of the city, but sometimes you may want to indulge in a slower pace. From the Bois des Vincennes to the Jardin des Tuileries, the city is packed with hidden and not so hidden green spaces where you can find some peace. The parks of the city are just as significant as the architecture, art and culture in terms of the capital's essence and oeuvre, and a few hours spent in quiet reflection can breathe new energy into the most exhausted legs.

Be Seduced by the Seine

Any of the hostels in Paris will be within access of the banks of the famous Seine – even if you hop on a bus or the Metro to get there. If you start at any point of the river and simply amble along, crossing back and forth over the many bridges that span its slow flowing waters, you'll take in a true cross section of the city, in the most relaxing of ways. It's virtually impossible to get lost in Paris anyhow, but by walking the route of the Seine you'll be cutting through the very heart of the city – and enjoying its beauty from its most spectacular vantage.

In this most stunning and historic of cities, doing nothing is, perhapsFree Web Content, the most fulfilling activity of all.


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