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Shaw Academy - Your Educational Destination

The realisation that education does not stop once you finish school, or college, or university is something which is becoming more and more acceptable to the world at large. Whether the reason behind this education is down to a personal desire to improve your knowledge on a particular subject matter, or that it is due to a professional organisation requiring that their members show the willingness to continually improve themselves in their chosen field, education and, more importantly, the access to this education is becoming more and more important.


The Shaw Academy understands this need. They understand that, just like the technology which we all use, the speed at which we now live our lives is increasing year after year. Mobile devices have ensured that we do not leave the office anymore at 6pm - we continue to work outside of the traditional office hours to get everything done. This also means that it is only the very few who might have the time to attend a physical classroom in order to receive this essential education.

This is where we can use our technology to work for us. With the advent of widespread internet access, it allows Shaw Academy to provide their students with a virtual classroom. This means that the education remains constant - it is the accessibility to attend and receive the education which has improved substantially. Anyone who has access to the internet is able to attend a wide variety of educational programmes from the comfort of their own home.

A selection of some of the diverse subjects include (but are not limited to):

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Diploma in Photography

Diploma in Nutrition

Diploma in Financial Trading

Diploma in Psychology of Sales

All approved courses have been assessed and verified by internationally recognised, independent organisations. What this essentially means is that both the structure and the content of each programme of study have been externally reviewed and approved for multi-disciplinary and industry-wide developmental purposes. This allows the students of Shaw Academy to have complete confidence that ease of access does not mean that quality has to be sacrificed.

With educators and qualified support teams available throughout the entire duration of each course, ongoing communication plays a key part to the success of the educational service. Having educated tens of thousands of students to date, they draw on their own experiences to ensure that assistance is made available via phone, email, and social media channels… ensuring that the student still feels part of a classroom type environment. Students are nurtured and are allowed to develop on an individual level.

By utilising this transformative approach, Shaw Academy is empowering everyone with the ability to up-skill and progress within their own chosen field of expertise. The education provided is inclusive to all abilities and it is representative of their global presence. This has led to the company expanding at quite a rapid pace, and they are now delighted to be able to offer their services in a wide range of languages. Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Russian, amongst others are all catered for. There is an inherent respect for the knowledge and experience of all students.

By coupling their innovative presentation techniques with a commitment to provide an education to all who desire it, Shaw Academy truly is an intellectual destination which draws students from across the globe to participate in flexible, transparent and affordable education.


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