Monday, 25 May 2015 10:03

Ten years of change Featured

Look in the mirror. Take a close look at your face. Can you see how you’ve changed over the last ten years? What do you think will happen during the next decade? The passing of time is something we don’t have control over, but it is a very positive thing. It allows for positive changes, including technological advances, which are used in many areas.

We are driving cars that are more and more comfortable and luxurious. We can get clothes that are more beautiful and durable each year. We prepare food using an intelligent oven and store it in a fridge that adjusts its temperature based on the types of products. The world has moved forward in the past few years. And this process is continuing. That is why it’s worth considering how it will all look like in ten years’ time.

We don’t have to be limited to our imagination - we can check out the unique exhibition at the Milan for the World Expo, organized by Ikea. The students that were involved in the project created a unique model of the kitchen of the future specially for this exhibition. We can observe innovative solutions, not only in terms of household appliances, but also kitchen furniture. This is the end of narrow and non-functional kitchens - we are entering an era of even greater convenience!


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