Tuesday, 08 January 2019 14:45

The perfect kitchen, where you can relax

Nowadays, everyone wants to create an ideal apartment whose appearance is the same as the flats we see in the most popular videos or the most interesting interior design magazines. It’s not only our inner need for a better life, but what we might feel is required by society. We increasingly boast about our life and our apartment on social media by uploading photos of everyday life.

Our friends do this too, and they pay attention to every detail, from the kitchen decor to the selection of storage accessories or decorative elements in the living room.

The owners of Ikea noticed that there is a new trend - the desire to achieve the perfect life and an ideal interior. For many of us, striving for such perfection has transformed into a real competition in which we have to be the winners. This was the reason for the creation of this short film, which is supposed to make us

realise that a perfectly beautiful kitchen is important, but it should be above all comfortable, ergonomic and convenient in everyday life.

How to achieve such a healthy balance?
Simply apply Ikea’s solutions, such as storage systems in kitchen furniture, modern storage accessories (containers, jars, binders), or multi-functional decorations for the dining room.


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