Monday, 29 June 2015 09:04

What to do to have spotless laundry? Featured

You probably had an embarrassing situation more than once, in which the culprit was unclean laundry, or rather a "clumsy" washing machine.

Stains that weren’t removed during laundry, which can be seen only in daylight, faded colours and white clothes that have turned grey, are the main problems of modern women. We live fast, play sports, cook and often change our everyday clothes. Days in which we haven’t had to deal with a heap of dirty clothes could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

The recipe for spotless laundry

One such woman is Vanessa Riopel, who will tell you how intensive her life is in this short video. She admits that she needs to do the laundry every day. Dirty and sweaty sports outfits require immediate contact with water and washing powder so they don’t get destroyed. Vanessa Riopel knows best how important clean and fragrant clothes are, especially during the World Championships. Every little detail can reduce a woman's self-esteem, and thus reduce the chances of winning. For Vanessa, proper washing is essential, that is why she took part in Maytag’s new campaign of exceptional washer-dryers.


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