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Office Productivity Gadgets

Office Productivity Gadgets Office Productivity Gadgets

Nowadays many companies think very differently than 30 or 40 years ago, something that is part of the technological changes produced in recent years and also in the change of mentality of those in charge of running the organizations. We have companies like Google, Facebook and others that think that in order to improve productivity, employees need a bit of distraction and entertainment during their work day and that is why they designed special rooms, with games, offer snacks and refreshments, as well as other hobbies. which allow employees to "take off" a little work stress.

But those companies know that only that does not improve productivity, which is why many companies nowadays invest in some gadgets to help increase productivity. Gadgets ranging from a simple fidget spinner and wearable devices, to IoT security boxes.

Fidgi Pen:

If you develop a middle management gadget in which the Q section of the movie “007” series is under stress, it will probably be designed like this Fidgi Pen. This pen is equipped with various hand-held smoothing functions (fidgets), so you can say goodbye to the days when you bite the tip of the ballpoint pen.

Benefit: Increased concentration


XD DESIGN window solar charger:

If you stick this solar charger to the window, you can get the power required for smartphones and tablets.

Advantage: Earth friendly

Lumo Lift posture correction device

Lumo Lift is a device that tells you by vibration that your mother is in a bad position as if her mother was next to her. All you have to do is hold the device like a shirt and record the correct posture.

Advantage: You can get the right posture

Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones

Shut out with the best noise-cancelling headphones of the voice of someone who has been talking about traveling abroad many years ago in the office.

Advantage: Shuts out office noise


This small biofeedback device measures your stress level from your fingertip pores and then gives you advice to relax. With this, you won't use dirty words.

Advantage: Can monitor stress level



One of the problems seen in urban offices is being convened to an emergency meeting when boiling water. However, there is no problem with AppKettle. If operated via a smartphone, it will keep the hot water at the desired temperature (up to 30 minutes).

Advantage: boiling hot water from a distance

Packed Pixels Dual Pack

A triple display is better than a dual display, but Packed Pixels can turn your laptop into a triple-display machine in an instant, greatly improving your efficiency.

Advantage: Work efficiency of laptop is greatly improved


Bamboo Spark

Paper and pen ... This combination disappears because of time. However, with this smart notebook and ballpoint pen, you can save handwritten notes and pictures on the cloud, so you can call them anytime, anywhere. The witch is also surprised.

Advantage: Digitize handwritten notes

Light Phone

This business card-sized mobile phone, which has no apps, can be used as a second phone, because it can be used as it is. If you have a work smartphone, you might want to switch to main.

Advantages: No extra obstruction


Mymanu CLIK

This high-performance wireless earphone that can simultaneously translate into 37 languages ​​and read emails should do everything except dishwashing. 

Advantage: Simultaneous speech translation


Yo-Yo Desk MINI

It's better for you to stand rather than sit. Speaking of extreme arguments, the probability of survival increases, but instead of buying a large standing desk, it is not bad to take a next-best measure. This pop-up mini-standing desk can be adjusted on 15 levels and can be installed on any desk.

Advantage: Can be installed on the desk you are using



It's time to use AppleWatch, which I stopped using a year ago. If you download Workflow, you can access your favorite apps and schedules directly from AppleWatch. It is also available for the iPhone.

Advantage: Wearable To Do List


Fidget Cube:


This little helper has the job of helping you stay focused and relieve stress so you can concentrate better - and increase productivity.

Biggest benefit: Ultimate focus and stress reduction.


Timeular ZEIº:

ZEIº  is a small polygon that can wirelessly capture the time of selected activities. To do this, write down on all sides of the geometric figure the most important activities of the day and turn over the polygon at each change of activity.


Moleskine + Ellipse


Many people like to doodle when they work on the implementation of ideas, before everything is put into concrete form on the computer. A pen from Moleskine promises to save a few steps in the solution process: it allows you to draw and write on paper in the normal way. The analogue paper is digitized in real time and synchronized with end devices so that the first draft can be further processed directly.

The Saent:


The Saent button keeps all distractions away from you by acting as a kind of "do not disturb" sign for your peers. In addition, you can program your session with defined times and work tasks, so that multitasking will no longer be an issue for you.

Biggest benefit: Keeps any distractions from you.


Brydge 12.9 iPad Pro keyboard


How is your iPad Pro really? Probably not enough, if you ask us. So, in our opinion, it's time to invest in an adequate metal keyboard that makes writing on the iPad as easy as on a MacBook.


R2-D2 USB table vacuum

Is there anything worse than crumbs in your keyboard? Yes, probably, but it is incredibly annoying. The point is, none of us are looking for a mess on the desk, which makes this USB table-top in Star Wars design even more useful.

Biggest advantage: A clean table leads to a pure mind.


AudioQuest DragonFly Headphone Amp


If you like to work with music in your ear, why not just invest in an adequate amp that will give you the crystal-clear sound you need? This one you get in the design of a USB stick.

Biggest benefit: The best possible soundtrack for your productivity.