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BFS battery filling system — how does it work?

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BFS battery filling system — how it works?


During intensive using of battery-powered devices, it is necessary to optimize the use of resources. How can this be done? To achieve this goal, it is worth using the BFS filling system. BFS Filling System — how Does It Work and Why is it a Good Solution? If you want to know the answer, read the text.

Why the BFS is system necessary?

Companies from TSL (Transport, Forwarding and Logistics) or industry systematically optimize the level of resource consumption. One of the ways to achieve the goal is to reduce costs related to the work of forklifts. This does not mean that you should buy cheaper vehicles. A better solution is to use a power supply that reduces costs. This is the reason why choosing BFS Filling Systems is a good idea.

The fluid (water) in batteries mainly occurs during the charging phase. The lack of water in the cells should be topped up. As the water in the battery is used for the smooth operation of the vehicle, it is essential to top up the fluids (electrolytes). If this is not done, the entire battery could be damaged. The damage can be avoided by using the BFS system.

BFS systems — how does it work?

How does BFS system work? To understand this, you need to know that a forklift truck needs a battery (traction batteries, which contain lithium and ion). While the vehicle is turn-on, the electrolysis process begins. as a result, the amount of water in the battery cells is reduced.

The modern BFS filling system consists of the following components:

  • float plugs with a valve — they are placed in each cell of the battery,

  • PVC pipes — with their use it is possible to connect battery cells in an industrial trolley,

  • central point (1-point) responsible for starting the water refilling system.

What are the benefits of using the BFS refilling system?

Using the BFS battery filling system gives various benefits to your business. At first, the process of topping up the battery cells with electrolyte is done quickly and efficiently.

It is also a solution with a high level of safety, as the electrolyte does not leak to the outside (limited human-liquid contact). Last but not least, the design of the BFS filling system ensures that the batteries are not highly exposed to corrosion. This advantage extends the life of the batteries, which will also be serviced less frequently.

High-quality BFS system devices can be found in the assortment of the BATER store (Always full of energy). Thanks to cost reduction, BFS systems can be treated as a long-term investment in the companys development.


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