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This is not a fiction, this is a reality: remote jamming drone

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Think about the degree of your safety at a time when damage from drones can cause irreparable harm. In this case, the only correct solution is remote jamming drones.

Technology is developing and therefore now it has become a reality, you can detect and neutralize the threat in the sky remotely.

How Remote Drone Jamming Works 

In case of detection of an enemy drone visually, through a thermal imager or night vision device, jamming is aimed in its direction, press the power button and kept on the drone. In the case of relatively windless weather, the drone hangs and then goes to the emergency landing. In this case, you can pick it up, download a flight map, and thus find out where it took off, where, and what was filmed. In windy weather, drones usually break. They are carried away at an angle of 45 degrees until they fall to the ground or hit trees. In this case, you can also remove valuable information from the drone, but it is usually impossible to repair.

Criteria for selection of remote jamming

You need to choose remote jammers for drones either by knowing the selection criteria or by contacting specialists. You can see it here and decide on the best option for you in terms of quality and price. But remember to consider these criteria:

  • Output signal power. This setting affects the range of the device. Typically, a 40-watt silencer operates within a radius of 40 m, but this is a conditional figure. The closer it is to mobile cells, the more around devices with radio radiation, the smaller the range.
  • Bands or suppression channels. The more powerful the device, the more bandwidth, and the more expensive it is.

The remote drone jammer works in two directions: it does not allow devices to transmit information and blocks its reception. That is why its purchase is important for your safety!


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