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Precise and accurate

pbf additive manufacturing pbf additive manufacturing

Are you familiar with 3D printing? If yes, you already have a basic idea of what PBF additive manufacturing is. Simply, it is a manufacturing technique that uses the layering technique in 3D printing to make objects.


Today, different brands of manufacturing machines use this technique. So, why is this technique quickly gaining popularity? Here are some advantages of this technique.

Minimal wastage on materials

Unlike subtractive manufacturing technologies, additive manufacturing guarantees lower material wastage. This is because the product is made by infusing layer after layer until it’s finished. Additionally, any excess powder collected by the machines is recycled to make additional products.

Precise and accurate

When building complex parts with complex geometry and shape, pbf additive manufacturing is the best. Metal additive manufacturing machines are digitally controlled. This means you have to design a 3D model and feed it into the machine. Once the design is accurate, the machine produces a precise and accurate part that fits your purpose perfectly.

Wide material range

The technique works for a variety of metals. It can work with any metal that can be turned into powder using the plasma atomization process. Using Inconel, aluminium, steel, and even titanium, you can create metallic parts using this technique. The manufacturing machines do not limit you to only a few materials.

Flexibility in production

When designing a product, it is easy to find faults that need to be modified or corrected. However, it is quite hard to correct these errors compared to other manufacturing with subtractive manufacturing. You only need to modify the 3D model and reprint the product to correct the error with the latter. This ensures that you correct the error immediately after you notice it.

In a Nutshell

PBF additive manufacturing is a revolutionary method that gives manufacturers the freedom to incorporate complex features into their products. Buying a metal additive manufacturing machine might seem like an expensive investment but, it’s worth it. It will make your work less easy while cutting down your cost of production.


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