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What is a proxy server

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A proxy server is needed so that when using the Internet, the sites and application servers to which you connect do not recognize your personal data - location, your IP - address and others and do not block your access to the materials of interest. You can purchase good individual proxy servers at https://proxy-seller.com/.


Types of proxy servers by protocols.

  • CGI is the simplest type of proxy server and does not require any configuration. When you go to a special site and enter the required URL, the proxy opens this address in the browser.
  • HTTP is a proxy server designed to work with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is suitable for visiting sites. This server is used to download and store files for caching and therefore save traffic and increase the speed of loading web pages.
  • HTTPS - has high security when working on the network, suitable for transactions and financial transactions. Works over a secure SSL protocol.
  • SHTTP is a proxy server with SSL encryption support. It differs from the previous type of proxy in that it allows you to view protected sites (their addresses start with https).
  • SOCKS4 is an information transfer protocol that interacts through a TCP connection. It works with a large number of data transfer protocols and does not transmit technical information about the user.
  • SOCKS5 - added support for UDP - connections, in addition to ТСР. Now you can authorize a user by login and password.

Anonymity proxy types

 Transparent. Connection to the server is carried out without special programs and additional browser settings. Does not hide any information from the visited site, transmits the user's IP address, and reports that he is a proxy. This type is found in schools and other public institutions.
 Anonymous. A more common and demanded type of proxy. Provide client anonymity, but declares its proxy nature to the visited resource.
 Distorting. Similar to anonymous, but knowingly conveys a false IP address.
 Elite. The highest level of stealth. Provides complete anonymity.
 Resident. Tap proxy using real IP addresses associated with a real device.
 Public. This is the most insecure and vulnerable to hacker attacks type of proxy servers.
 Private. This is a more reliable version of a public proxy server. May have high anonymity. Only one user can be used at a time.
 General. The cheapest kind of proxy servers. Has concurrent access, cost is shared between users.
 Rotary. A proxy server on which the same IP address is not reused. Provides confidentiality and high security.

The proxy server is used to solve the following tasks:

  Enhanced security;
  Personal data protection;
  Distribution of the load on the visited resource.

Now you know why you might need a proxy server and how it works.


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