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The best female wrestling of all time

The best female wrestling - youtube videos The best female wrestling - youtube videos

Gone are the days when the tough, hard game like wrestling was just associated with men. Like all the other fields in the world, women wrestlers are dominating the wrestling world also and accomplishing great achievements in this regard. There are so many great and professional female wrestlers who not only beat the women in the ring but also men. It produces such a unique and incredible impact where such dominant wrestlers are making a remarkable name in this field.


Get to know the Wrestlers in the world

Well, it is worth knowing the names of the top and best female wrestling names of all the time to pay them tribute and get inspired. Let’s discover the names of the greatest wrestlers. All of them are really strong, powerful and extremely talented. Keeping in view the abilities, aptitude in the ring fight and achievements in the professional wrestling world, we have enlisted the name of top wrestling women of all the time. Have a look!

Torrie Wilson - one of the beautiful wrestlers

You will enjoy the best wrestlers fight with Torrie Wilson, who rocks the ring fights and earn a dominating place among the best wrestlers. Her wrestling videos dominate the hearts of the wrestling lovers every time they watch them because of the incredible performance and power. The athleticism and penchant of Wilson were great to make her fit among the top women wrestlers of all the time.

Youtube videos - Torrie Wilson in a bikini

Lita - reliable wrestler

The groundbreaker and brilliant Lita are among the best women and beautiful wrestlers who made a name in hardcore matches and many other ring fights, especially with Trish Stratus. She became so popular because of her strong actions and impact on the opponent in the ring. Setting trends in wrestling grounds, Lita proved that it is not easy to beat women no matter whatever the field is.

Youtube videos - Trish Stratus & Lita rewatch their epic Raw main event

Mickie James - She won the championship 5 times

Presenting the perfect combination of beauty and toughness, Mickie James is among those women wrestlers who can’t forget regardless of the time. In WWE and TNA, she earned a huge name by winning many titles. She was famous for giving a tough time to the opponent wrestlers in the ring while you will find her fighting videos among the best women’s wrestling videos. Women’s championship won by her five times, making James the memorable and best wrestlers of all ages.

Youtube videos - See how Mickie James won the championship

Stacy Keibler - sexi diva

Stacy Keibler stans very prominent among the top women wrestlers especially for her legs, robustness and of course beauty. Started her career from the very mall age of 19, she makes a huge name in occasional fights. Many well-known wrestlers like Jillian Hill and Gail Kim was beaten by her. She left WWE in 2006 after accomplishing great success and many attainments.

Youtube videos - Stacy Keibler Dances On The Announcers Table

Sherri Martel - the best wrestler of all time

Kicking, pulling and grabbing the opponent in the most influential and entertaining way, Martel enjoys position among the best women wrestlers of all the time. Won many titles and matches, she was famous for beating her opponent while 3 times winner of WWE and AWA women’s championship. She influenced or impressed her fans every time she stepped into the ring fight. Sherri Martel is an unforgettable name in the wrestling world.

Youtube videos - Sherri Martel vs Medusa Miceli - Las Vegas

Watch the best-mixed wrestling Videos

If you are a wrestling lover then definitely you always search for the best video women wrestling. Enormous best mixed-wrestling videos are there to enjoy and get inspired with. Mixed wrestling YouTube helps you to enjoy the most entertaining ring matches from your home where the beautiful female wrestlers are beating their opponents either men or women. The fantastic mixed wrestling videos or female wrestling videos are enough appealing to let you enjoy the highlights, beating clips and achievements of your favourite female wrestlers. Watch what you like and want to enjoy the best mixed-used wrestling.

Youtube videos - Top 10 Female Wrestlers

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