Thursday, 02 March 2017 10:34

A message written by car Featured

You dream of a unique car. So you go to the dealership, you get a fully equipped model and you enjoy your new purchase. But would you consider a car that was used to write a message which can be seen from space?

The new Hyundai Genesis is in a class of its own. Beautiful curves, manoeuvrability and ease of driving are undoubtedly its advantages. Its luxurious look makes people wonder, if this is really a regular Hyundai, which is usually associated with small urban cars. Now we can be witnesses of the brand making a name for itself in a whole new market of luxury cars.
Its excellent handling is shown in the "A Message to Space" campaign, in which the main character is little Stephanie. Stephanie is the daughter of an astronaut working on a space station, which is why they rarely see each other. Hyundai Motors has decided to help her get in contact with her father by "sending" him an unusual message. A total of 11 cars took part in writing a message to Stephanie's dad, visible from space. This feat was registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest tire track image.
How was this unique image created and what was the reaction of Stephanie's father - you'll find out by clicking on the video.


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