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Heavy Duty Lifts

Repairing a heavy vehicle, such as a truck, coach or bus, requires the right equipment.

To be able to check the condition of the vehicle chassis, it is necessary to lift it with a heavy duty lift.


What kind of lift for heavy vehicles is worth buying?

Repair shop owners are well aware of the fact that for the fastest and most convenient access to the chassis of a heavy car, it is necessary to use a lift. This is the easiest way to check the condition of the wheels and the suspension system in the car.

However, it is difficult to work with only one lift, especially if you want to perform multiple repairs at the same time. That is why most repair shops use several different types of lifts.

The best lifts models for every service centre

For the maintenance and lifting of heavy goods vehicles, you can use a mobile column lift adapted to the type of vehicle. Some models are typically designed for standard vehicles, and others for forklifts or special vehicles.

Scissor lifts are mainly used for the maintenance of cars weighing up to 35 tons. This type of lift is very ergonomic because it does not have a basic frame. This ensures easy access to the chassis and allows free passage from one side of the vehicle to the other, which significantly speeds up and facilitates work.

Platform lifts are also essential, allowing to lift heavy mechanical units weighing up to 1.5 tonnes. Lifting a car or machinery allows the service centre employee to work in the right position and the best conditions, thus making it easier to perform repairs.

On the other hand, hydropneumatic lifts are intended for lifting various industrial vehicles, mainly heavy and low-floor vehicles.

A universal lift for vehicles and gearboxes may also come in useful. Its advantage is its small size and wide range of applications.

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