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Tips for finding the best land surveyors

Imagine how surprised you will be if you have just taken possession of a house you have recently purchased only to find out that your neighbour’s hammock is stretched between the two trees in the middle of what you thought to be your backyard.

Although most people may think that they will never need the services of a land surveyor, it is important that you are certain and it is doubly important to avoid disputes with neighbours. After all, you will be living with them for many years to come.

Finding a qualified person to do the job can be quite a challenge. If you intend to subdivide a parcel of land, build on an unimproved lot or purchase land, you have to make sure that you hire a professional and licensed surveyor.

Steps in Looking for a Land Surveyor

Gather all the documents you need for the property. It is also best if you can find plot maps which describe the property. Check the map to see if there are any answers there to your questions. Most insurance documents are typically accompanied by basic plot maps which provide you additional information.
Call the company with whom you have a policy and ask them if there are any local surveyors who they can recommend to you. Sometimes, title companies can give you answers to your questions.
The real estate agent who has sold you the property may also be able to help you regarding concerns with the property’s boundaries. If she can recommend a local surveyor, you will not have to spend a lot of time and energy looking for one.
The Internet is also a great resource of local surveyors. Most companies or firms have websites so it is easier to find them online. Brunel surveys land surveyors is an example of a company which has an online presence. However, not everything you read on the Internet is true and this is exactly the reason why you should be very careful. It is important to contact the firm by phone and talk to someone from the company and ask them the service they provide and their rates. It is best to compare at least three companies before making a final decision.
Ask friends and family for a recommendation. No advertising in print or on television could ever amount to good old word-of-mouth recommendation. A family member or friend who has hired the services of a surveying company can help you with your concerns.
Read reviews online. A good surveying company or firm does not only value its clients, it also values the environment and its employees. You surely wound not want to hire a company who just wants to get the job done and does not even care about the impact they have on the environment. Land surveyors can have dangerous jobs. Sometimes they might need to scale elevated areas or walk across properties which are radioactive. Fortunately, there are still companies which are reputable, reliable and a friend to the environment at the same time, and one good example is Brunel surveys land surveyors.


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