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Trends in online marketing - what is most effective?

Trends in online marketing Trends in online marketing

Observing online marketing, we can easily say that it develops almost as fast as the speed of light. New publications, new articles about new techniques of marketing, new solutions - all of that we can find in the Internet every day. Which of those information should we follow? Which of it is a trend? Let's check the list of 4 most effective marketing trends!

    1. Building relationship, not only sales

Everyone would like to create such an advertisement, by which people immediately buy the product. That was once, but now, unfortunately, the competition is big and these good times are gone for most services. Focusing only on selling doesn’t bring the same results as in the past. Today customers want to be heard. On the other hand almost every business owner wants “here and now”, nobody wants to listen and the winner is who understands the importance of taking care about customers and long-distance operation. Sometimes companies give customers something for free or teach them something. In this way clients think good about company and start to trust them. 

    1. Automation

Did you heard about artificial intelligence, in short AI? Not so long ago, only the biggest companies use it to improve their actions. In present, marketing agency use AI to optimize campaigns, personalized marketing messages and increase sales. Recently, we also observed automated communication by chatbot for website. Customers can ask any time about products, discounts or any problems on website and chatbot will answer really quickly. This makes operating costs are lower and the person is unnecessary in customer service. At least not for all the time.  

    1. Brand building

If you have an online store and you think that building a brand doesn’t concern you, you are wrong. Do you know why? Because if your brand doesn’t have a name and it’s only customers won’t remember where they bought new clothes. 

For this reason, you still incur the cost of acquiring a new customer, because word of mouth for your company doesn’t exist. Give a chance your loyal customers to tell about how wonderful is your company. It’s not all. Tell customers your story or something interesting and make them want to follow you on the Internet. Then the sale path is shorter and looks completely different.

    1. Chatbot

The last trend in online marketing is chatbot. As you already know, chatbot can help you in customer service, but it’s not his only advantage. Adding a chatbot for website could improve sales. Lot of people are introverts and they don’t want to ask other people about something, even through the Internet. Chatbot technology is a hit for them. If a bot for website is created correctly, a group of consumers who had not previously used the services because of the social contact barrier will use it. These people successfully tap commands on the screens of smartphones to, e.g. order a tasty pizza.


As you can see, all of these trends are based on customer comfort and trust. Focus on it and build a brand for clients, analyzing their needs and expectations. If you go in this direction you have a lot to gain.


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