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5 quick tips how to take easily good photos with smoke bombs?

You do not have to be a professional photographer to take outstanding photos with smoke bombs! You just need a few smoke bombs, enthusiasm and our good advice! Check how to do it!


Taking pictures with accessories, such as smoke bombs, which are unpredictable and their effect lasts a bit difficult. It's good to prepare for it! If you think about pyrotechnic accessories, one of the most popular term adding to browsers is ‘smoke bombs uk’. Smoke bombs are using not only by football fans, but also by magicians and photographers. Colored smoke make beautiful effect, which makes the photos look mysterious and uncommon. How to use smoke bombs during taking a photos? 


1. Find good place to your photo session!

It’s very important to find calm place away from the crowd. Smoke from smoke bombs could disturb other people, make them blind or restrict the visibility of drivers on the road. In addition, you probably don’t want an accidental audience on your photos.

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2. Check the weather forecast!

Good weather is very important during session with smoke bombs. UK is quite windy and cloudy, but wind and rain could prevent you from taking good photos. The rain will quickly turn off the grenade, and the wind will blow away the colored smoke.  Remember also that at night the colored smoke is hardly visible without proper light lamps. 

3. Hurry up!

Effect of colored smoke bomb last abou 60-90 seconds. Better prepare everything before you light up grenades. A good solution is also the purchase of several pieces of smoke bombs. It may turn out that one of them will not light up or you will not be able to capture the perfect shot. You could find them easily, entering in the search engine the slogan 'smoke bombs uk'. It for sure - help you find the best ones!


4. Remember that the smoke is dirty!

No matter what color of smoke bomb you choose, remember that colored smoke can stain your clothes! This information is especially important in the case of a wedding session. The white dress of the bride, probably after contact with colored smoke, will never regain its color. If you take such pictures, be sure to let people know about it.

5. Be careful!

Remember that smoke bombs are still pyrotechnics and it could explode, so before using, read the instructions and make sure that the specific product can be kept in your hand.

Photos with smoke bombs are very popular now. Look for ‘smoke bombs uk’ in the network, remember to choose checked pyrotechnic store with safe products. Make beautiful photos and have fun! It's so easy!



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