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Everything you need to know about wooden floor panels

Wooden floor panels Wooden floor panels

Wooden floors give interiors an elegant look. Rooms where wood is used as one of the main finishing materials have a warm and cosy feel. Depending on what type of wood you choose, as well as the way it is laid out and finished, the floor will have a modern or classic look. So what is there to know about solid wood panels? What kind of maintenance issues do you have to keep in mind?


In which rooms can wood be used for finishing floors?

Panels made of solid wood are known for their high aesthetic value. Therefore, they are often used in living rooms, as well as other "dry" rooms, e.g. dining rooms and bedrooms. However, wood from certain exotic trees can also be used to arrange bathrooms and kitchens, where there is usually a higher level of moisture. In this case, it is important to ensure the adequate protection of wood against unfavourable conditions. If you are interested in different types of panels made of solid wood, visit

How to care for wooden floors

In order for wood flooring to look beautiful for a long time, it must be properly maintained. For everyday cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner with a suitable tip or brush. For cleaning wooden floors, use special measures recommended by the board manufacturer. You also have to remember not to soak the boards - the mop should be just slightly damp. Excessive moisture may cause damage and warping.

It is also important to carry out periodical maintenance of wooden floors. Depending on whether it is varnished or oiled, maintenance is performed every few years. However, oiling is performed more often than refreshing the varnished surface. When choosing the method of protecting and finishing wooden floors, keep in mind that usually when a small area of an oiled floor is damaged, you only need to fix this part. In the case of varnished floors, you may need to refinish the whole floor.


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