Friday, 13 September 2019 14:48

Natural or wooden. Chairs for your living room

Edinos - Todi chair Edinos - Todi chair

Chairs made of natural wood are a timeless, classic piece of furniture. Wood ensures reliability and durability, and such chairs can be used for many years and look great in the living room. Thanks to the wide range of models available on the market, you can find an ideal set for both traditional interiors, a family space, or a modern and artistic room.


We’ve got some interesting inspirations that will help you choose the perfect wooden chairs for your living room.

Natural wood looks great in combination with delicate upholstery which guarantees comfort of use. Wooden chairs with rounded seats and a wide backrest, which are covered with velour or other soft material in a neutral colour, are currently very popular. The frame of the furniture is available in a bright shade of sonoma oak and a dark deep colour. Such a model is perfect both for a cozy family interior, as well as a modern living room.

Wooden elements are essential when decorating in a warm Scandinavian style. Simple chairs with a classic form make white walls warmer and are often chosen in light shades. The classic models with rectangular, cut backs are still the most popular. If you decide to buy such chairs, remember to choose high-quality and comfortable models, because due to the lack of padding they must perfectly match your body shape.

Wooden chairs which are whitewashed in a special way are also highly popular. They are extremely durable, brighten up the interior, and are suited for many different styles and concepts. Whitewashed wooden chairs can serve for many years not only thanks to the quality of the material, but also the endless arrangement possibilities.

Finally, we have an interesting idea for those who like to experiment with interior design and want to create an original and artistic living room. Chairs similar in shape to the seat and backrest of the chair, on thin, wooden legs, are increasingly often appearing in very strong and bold colours. Such a model with upholstery in the colour of a ripe orange or spring grass adds freshness and character to the room.


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