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Fish Oil use as Vitamin Supplements

Sea food is known for the many nutrients that it comprises of and one of the food items in the category of sea food is Fish which is commonly known as ‘Brain Food’. It is rich in vitamins and many other nutrients that are essential for the wellbeing of our health. A very important part of the fish which one must make a part of their diet is Fish Oil.

Certain fishes which particularly are known to contain such advantageous oils like Omega 3 fatty acids in abundance and that also play the role of Vitamin Supplements are Salmon, Cod Fish, Sardines, Trout et al. These supplements like Omega 3 fatty acid are such that some cannot be produced by our body and should be a part of our diet but what needs to be understood is that they should be consumed in substantial quantities as they do have a role to play in our development.

Fish Oil extracted from the fish is used to prevent various ailments or treat different ones. It is largely used in relation to the conditions that trouble the heart and the blood system. The component, Omega 3 is responsible for prevention of clotting which in turn leads to prevention of heart problems. Many people consume the oil to keep their blood pressure and cholesterol in check. Scientific studies have backed these uses of the oil with a great deal of research. In the field of psychology, the oil has established its supremacy. It is used as an aid in Alzheimer’s disease, Psychosis, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, Depression et al.

One needs to recognize the gravity of the situation wherein the consumption of Vitamin Supplements is required. A pattern can be established of the people who require such supplements. It is also preferable if a prescription is available which can monitor the quantity of supplements that a person requires. People who are under a rigorous training for a particular sport, Expecting mothers or women wishing to get pregnant, people who are not well nourished, people who do not get enough exposure to sunlight etc…are some individuals who would need such supplements as an add on to their diet.

The benefits of oil extracted from any fish are galore but one factor that is very crucial is the manner in which a fish is cooked which defines the benefits that the oil has to offer. If the fish is boiled or if it is baked, then it will fulfill its use of preventing heart diseases but if it is deep fried then the same benefit will be cancelled and on the contrary, there will be a risk of getting a heart problem.

Artificial supplements have become a trend in the field of health but what one must keep in mind is the wordFind Article, ‘add on’ that goes along with it. It is just an addition and that should be remembered while consuming such supplements. These supplements a day will indeed keep the doctor away but too many of them will surely not keep the doctor away.


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