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Is it worth discovering Krakow with Your City Guides?

Krakow Old Town Krakow Old Town

For many centuries, the Old Town in Krakow has fascinated not only tourists, but also the inhabitants of this beautiful city. Regardless of the season, you can meet many people in the former capital of Poland. Definitely the most falls on the holiday period, and right after it, before Christmas, there are also many tourists. So what is worth seeing in the old city of Krakow?

The old city of Krakow is still very popular

Krakow is a very beautiful city that each of us should visit at least once in a lifetime. The former capital of Poland impresses with its beauty at any time of the year, which is certainly appreciated by foreign tourists. Guided tours are very popular recently. In particular, Krakow old town with a guide is an excellent solution because thanks to this you can see the most important and the most beautiful monuments of this city in a very short time and additionally learn their history.

Certainly, traveling alone would not have learned so much interesting information not only about the city itself, but also about the monuments that survived the numerous wars and are practically intact. A lot of guided tours start on the main square. This is where tourists visit, among others, the cloth hall as well as St. Mary's Church. Depending on the trip you choose, you can even go to the church tower, from where you can see the whole city. In turn, tourists go to the Vistula River, to the castle hill located on Wawel. It used to be the seat of Polish rulers and you can still visit numerous souvenirs there.

Virtually every program of the trip includes visited cathedrals as well as museums. One should not forget about the bell of Sigismund, which is located on the top of the cathedral. Depending on the tour program, you can also visit the dragon cave, through which you can go down to the Vistula River. Next to the castle hill is the popular Jewish district of Kazimierz. There, tourists are often picked up there. If your trip takes a bit longer, you will also be able to see numerous monuments of Jewish architecture, as well as the old synagogue.

Definitely guided tours in Krakow have recently become very popular. More and more people are choosing such a solution, even when, for example, they are in Krakow for one day. Even if you do not have much time, it is worth choosing such city guides, because thanks to this that you can visit the city very quickly. One should not forget that if you do not know Krakow and want to visit the most important monuments, you will have to go a little bit. The vast majority of monuments are located on the main square, as well as very close to the Wawel Castle Hill on the Vistula River. However, the Jewish district next to the castle hill also deserves attention. Therefore, it is worth hiring a guide so that you do not go astray and quickly visit the most important places. Such a city tour does not cost too much. This is not only a great solution for adults, but also for children. You can choose the option of driving a special electric car, thanks to this sightseeing will be even faster, and for example children and people with reduced mobility will also have the opportunity to visit the most important places in Krakow.


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