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Tips to Visit Krakow Christmas Market

Christmas in Krakow is cold and wintry. If there is anything that lights up the year-end freeze in the air, it is Krakow Christmas Market. It is one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world. The traditions are still being kept there by and large.


Even if you look at it independently, without any interest in tradition, it is still one of the most colourful and delicious public events in the whole world. It is spectacular enough to brave the cold winter temperature in Poland. 

When is Krakow Christmas Market 2019?

The Christmas Market is usually held from late November to early January next year at the Market Square in Krakow Old Town. The main events are on December 25 and 26. But the festivities start from late November itself.

Krakow Christmas Market 2019 dates have been announced. It will commence on November 29, 2019 and wind up on January 7, 2020. So, if you are planning to visit Krakow in near future, try it in the Christmas season. It could be a memorable experience of a lifetime.

What Exactly Is There in Krakow Christmas Market?

A lot actually. Here are five things that make it special.

Christmas in Krakow

Christmas in Krakow

      1. Excellent setting

The market is a sight to behold, especially at nights. The lighting, the arrangements, the winter air, the myriad artworks and replicas … all lend the atmosphere a surreal appearance. It is a nice place to spend romantic evenings and conduct perfect getaways. 

      1. Food on Offer

There is no traditional food in Poland that cannot be found in Krakow Christmas Market. You might have heard of the popular dishes in Poland, like Pierogi, Golabki and Zapiekanki. After spending some time in the market, you will muse: the heard dishes are sweet, but the unheard ones are sweeter.

The chances are that you will encounter the traditional Polish feast, where 12 unique dishes will vie for your attention. It is a bit heavy, but not the one to be missed.

      1. Wines and Other Beverages

If you love wines, Krakow Christmas Market is your ultimate destination. Locally made, traditionally prepared wines are available aplenty. This is perhaps the time you get the best beer and vodka in town. Inside the market, you are likely to feel that all the world is a pub.

      1. Artefacts and Gifts

There are a number of shops and outlets that sell exquisite mementos and artefacts. You can even find miniature models of famous architectural monuments in Krakow. 

The organizers of the market handpick the sellers. So you can be sure of the quality and authenticity of the artefacts and gifts.

      1. Festivities and Cultural Events

School children, church groups and local artists all perform at various times at the market. You get a chance to view the local art forms and folk songs of the place. In short, Krakow Christmas Market will be a fabulous, multi-pronged experience for the discerning traveller. 

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