Monday, 20 October 2014 00:00

Limited Collection Reserved

Intriguingly different, ultramodern: a limited collection CONCEPT in selected RESERVED shops from 25 August! It’s really worth being up-to-date. Clothes from the CONCEPT collection will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding fashionists and trendsetters, both those who feel best wearing minimalist, ascetic combinations and those who like to play a sophisticated fashion game and look for inspiration in surprising stylisations.

Bold cuts, simplicity coupled with comfort, a sophisticated androgynous look which leaves a lot of room for sensuous femininity are the hallmark of the CONCEPT collection.

Bring out your individual style and personality with the RESERVED CONCEPT collection. Play with fashion, create your own look, change your image, break the rules. Undermine, subvert. Astonish, show your ingenuity, be intriguing. Don’t set yourself any limits. Follow your passion. Tell your story.

RESERVED CONCEPT means unique accessories, original cuts and intriguing textures of high quality fabrics. The autumn and winter season with RESERVED will be full of wonderful surprises both for those who are looking for constant change and more daring inspirations, and for lovers of urban style, bored with standard stylisations. With the RESERVED CONCEPT minimalist but sophisticated clothes and accessories you can be ingeniously unpredictable, original and unique.
Be bold. Show your spirit. Create your image. Change your routine. Put a magic spell on reality. Be expressive every day.

Cast away mediocrity. Look at yourself in a different light.

The limited CONCEPT collection is both modern and universal. It uses a variety of textures: from ecoleather, through fluid fabrics, to soft, sensuous knitwear. Ascetic lines, an interesting array of colours (greys, pale pinks), distinctive cuts, simple, bold prints, oversizes to complement minis, playing with lengths and layers will help to bring out your many moods and different aspects of your personality.


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